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The Basic Franchise Provision

The master franchisee is granted the rights to use the trademarks, logos, copyrights, trade names and operating systems of the franchise, as long as the master franchisee complies with the terms and conditions of the agreement and its provisions.

The master franchisor will provide a pre-opening training and supply operating manuals.

An agreement may be terminated by the master franchisor for non-compliance with any terms, conditions or provisions in the agreement.

The agreement must be executed in person by the master franchisee. However, subsequent assignments to other business entities are allowed as long as the master franchisee continues to remain personally liable for the new franchisee, under the same terms as contained in the original master franchisee’s agreement.

The master franchisee must pay all debts of his/her business.

The master franchisee and subsequent franchisees have the obligation to purchase all food products and ingredients as stipulated in the agreement and equipment from sources approved in writing by the master franchisor.

The master franchisee acknowledges his/her responsibility to carry on business in a reputable and businesslike manner consistent with the standards and requirements of the franchise.


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