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Design, Construction & Decor

Experience is key to planning a successful business and in doing it right the first time.

Under the agreement, while benefiting from the experience of a team of professionals that posses the knowledge essential for success, the master franchisee will acquire the necessary know-how of an existing restaurant through knowledge transfer, in order for him/her to operate a successful business system by him/herself. The master franchisor will issue all specifications and advise the master franchisee on the design and the layout of the restaurant.

All restaurants must be built in accordance with the restaurant and the product concept specifications, whether one buys, leases, constructs or converts and renovates proposed premises.
The master franchisor will supply a list of approved equipment suppliers, examine construction specifications in a manner for the master franchisee to receive tenders and advise in the preparation and presentation of bids and contracts for construction or renovation.


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