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Figures are in EURO (€)











Figures are in EURO (€)

Financial Data - All figures are in EURO

1a. The Operating Unit Pro-Forma Criteria

Below is stated a summary of costs. These figures are based on actual operating restaurants.


Restaurant: 100 seats
Restaurant Bar: 20 seats
Cactus Bar: 60 seats


As a generality, the rent shall be on average an 8% of sales and the amount of deposit shall vary from case to case.

1b. Investment cost per restaurant

The initial investment cost per restaurant in Europe is about €300’000 to 350’000. It includes the set up of decor of the restaurant.

2. Income Statement (Without Financial Cost)

The figures below are based on Total Sales of € 1’300’000.

3. The Master Franchisee’s Return on Investment

The graph below depicts the return on investment for the master franchisee based on a hypothetical scenario. In the initial year one franchise is opened, and in the following three years two restaurants are opened per year. The lump sum represents the sum that the master franchisee shall pay the master franchisor upon the initiation of the franchise agreement. The 4% earnings are based on the sales stated in the income statement above. In sum, the return on investment for the master franchisee, based on the given scenario, will be € 135’000 after three years and € 499’000 in the following year. Please note that these figures are before interest and taxes.





1 An extra € 50’000 lump sum is required for each additional restaurant.

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