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Market Trend Analysis & Product Development

The master franchisor is responsible for the continuous analysis of new trends in order to stay one step ahead of the industry, and to achieve a competitive advantage. In other words, the master franchisor defines changing consumer spending patterns, product movements and sales analysis in view to implement aggressive marketing strategies with new products and new merchandising concepts.

Moreover, the master franchisor will enhance the menu selection by investigating new ingredients and suppliers in order to develop a new potential market segment based on the already acquired customer base. All the products introduced to the restaurants have undergone stringent testing for their acceptance. These tests are carried out on-site in operating units, to assure that only the finest products are offered to customers. This testing and control allows for stronger brand recognition as well as greater customer volume and higher frequency for take-out orders and dining room visits, thus optimizing revenues and profits.

Since the entire product line offered by the restaurant is fundamentally designed for total customer satisfaction, the master franchisor is able to constantly monitor the customer’s response to existing, as well as new products, and service through "Comment Cards" for example. Other feedback gathering techniques are also in place, including telemarketing and phone surveys, to ensure that the high standard of quality products and service is maintained.


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