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Obligations & Responsibilities

The master franchisor reserves its vetoing rights for any new franchisee application and may reject such application within all reasonable grounds. Under the agreement, the master franchisor shall, in no way, appear or be made to appear as a partner, agent or in any form of business venture other than that of the master franchisor and sole proprietor of franchise.

Furthermore, under same the agreement, the master franchisor will not undertake financial participation or take equity of any kind, or guarantee the financial success of the operation and shall bear no financial responsibilities of any nature in the implementation and operation of the franchise. It is the sole responsibility of the master franchisee and it is required for the master franchisor to seek all necessary legal advise to ensure that all terms, conditions, provisions, rights and responsibilities are understood by the master franchisee.

As a part of the agreement, the master franchisee shall exclusively purchase all stipulated goods from the master franchisor who will produce and sells the necessary supplies at cost. All stipulated goods shall be produced locally in the country granted in the agreement. These products shall be produced according to Swiss standards of production, based on all pre-established recipes, and if needed, any substitute products will be provided.


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