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Operating Specification

1. Operating Description

While emphasis is given on the Tex-Mex style of business, operating restaurants must be attractive, clean, offer fast, friendly service and quality products.

Restaurant sites shall be in city center locations.
Restaurant size shall be determined with consideration of its location.

2. The Space Allocation and Specification

Restaurant 180-220 m2 = approximately 80-120 seats, including a reception bar area

Cactus Bar 80-120 m2 = approximately 60-80 seats

Preparation kitchen 60-80 m2 plus trays and refrigerated storage space
(30 m2) = 90-110 m2 total.

Service Area Bar refrigeration, beverage storage, dry goods storage and waste disposal area 80-100 m2

Staff Area 20 m2

3. The Site Specifications

One Restaurant in cities with 200'000 inhabitants (including the surrounding areas within a radius of 10 - 15 km.) Two restaurants, in cities with more than 350'000 inhabitants.

Central locations with good exposure and where most other restaurants are located. Other preferable requirements are: easy access, public transportation, parking possibilities, and in the vicinity to shopping centers and business districts or areas with nightlife activities.

Full alcohol and beer licenses, restaurant license and possibly with terrace or other outdoors seating possibilities.


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